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Health and Nutrition

Supplements and protein are a huge part of both health and nutrition for athletes. They play a key part in the overall performance for an athlete. Being a collegiate athlete, I know firsthand how important these things are and that they need to be a part of an athlete’s daily diet.

The supplements that athletes should be taking are fish oil, a multivitamin, and vitamin D3. Women who are taking a multivitamin should be taking a vitamin that includes iron. The main reason women need to take a multivitamin with iron is because women experience monthly menstruation. Iron is what makes up the red blood cells in blood. Because women lose a significant amount of blood each month, they need to replenish the iron in their systems. When looking for a multivitamin, there are many different brands you can choose from. These include NatureMade, GNC brand, Vitamin World brand, Spring Valley, and Vitafusion. If you are someone who does not like taking pills, a gummy multivitamin would be a great option for you. Vitafusion offers a gummy multivitamin. They offer a typical multivitamin, a men’s multivitamin, and a women’s multivitamin. These gummies are nice because they taste like just like a gummy bear. You don’t even know you are taking your vitamins.

Protein is so important when it comes to the diet of an athlete. Athletes need protein to rebuild and repair muscle that is broken down during exercise. Just as a refresher, I will go over the basics again for protein consumption. At least one serving of protein should be consumed in every meal. Lunch and dinner need two servings of protein each while a snack should have one serving. Protein powder is a really easy way to get protein into your diet. It is especially helpful for right after a workout. Some of the protein powders that our strength and conditioning coach at Illinois State recommends are American Iso, Muscle Milk Whey, Syntrax, EAS, and Optimum Nutrition Whey. These protein powders are meant to just add some extra protein into your diet if you are not getting enough naturally. Other protein powders serve as a meal replacement. This means that they not only have protein but carbohydrates as well.

Women Health Supplements Can Help Treat Specific

Women, who lead busy, stressful and demanding lives, putting other’s needs first and their own last, should consider taking women health supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies in their bodies. When considering which of the many supplements for women on the market are best for you, you need to know what nutrients to look for.

All good women health supplements will contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These are essential ingredients. Vitamin C is particularly important for women because it helps to keep both the heart and the immune system healthy. It also lowers blood pressure and raises good cholesterol (HDL) which reduces the risk of heart disease. Vitamin E, also lowers the risk of heart disease and also reduces the risk of stroke. Antioxidants such as Vitamins E, C and A may also lower the risk of cancer and muscle degeneration.

Supplements for women are particularly important because as women age, the hormonal and other physical changes place additional nutritional demands on the body. It is particularly important that women over the age of 50 ensure they are getting enough Vitamin D which will help them absorb calcium which is essential to protect against osteoporosis. While women are going through menopause, it is recommended they take additional vitamin E and B12 than what might normally be in women health supplements.

Supplements for women should also include organic iron. Women need iron in order to produce red blood cells and an iron deficiency cause anemia. Specially formulated, women health supplements are vital to a women’s health. This is because women have very specific health needs which need to be addressed and our modern polluted world and busy lifestyles make it hard to do so. Most women have serious gaps in their nutritional intake. Largely as a result of poor diet and increased stresses on the body, women are increasingly suffering from breast cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, infertility and skin problems. Pregnancy and menopause also place serious stresses on a woman’s body.

The best supplements for women will include calcium and magnesium which combine to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. However, if PMS is a particular problem, there are women health supplements available for specific needs. A supplement designed to assist people with PMS should include Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, choline, taurine and herbs such as licorice root, dong quai root and peony root. These ingredients work synergistically to help relieve PMS. Essential fatty acids can also be beneficial to women who suffer from PMS.

Even if you think you are eating well and therefore do not need to take a vitamin and mineral supplement, if you are in one of the following groups you may need to think again:

o Post menopausal women experience a sudden decline in their levels of estrogen which in turn causes an increase in bone loss. Supplements for women containing Calcium and Vitamin D will help to prevent this bone loss.

o Women who have heavy menstruation may have an iron deficiency due to excessive blood loss. This can cause the blood to be low in hemoglobin (anemia) which carries oxygen in the blood to the tissues. Women health supplements containing organic iron can replace the depleted iron and avoid anemia and its effects.

o Women who are trying to become pregnant or who are already pregnant would benefit from taking various women health supplements. In particular, they should ensure their supplements contain calcium, Vitamin D, folate and iron. It is best to start taking a good supplement before getting pregnant.

Women have nutritional needs that are unique to them and cannot be met by just taking a broad-spectrum multi-vitamin supplement. Supplements for women should certainly contain the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that we all need, but they should also include ingredients that meet the specific needs of women. You can find women health supplements that are both comprehensive and specific to certain needs.

If you avoid synthetic products, buy a natural broad spectrum women’s supplement, eat a healthy diet, exercise and reduce stress where possible, your health should improve. If you are still experiencing ‘female problems’, look for a specific supplement to meet that need. You won’t look back.

Genuine National Women Health

It is important to get unbiased information on women health issues and also learn about the latest breakthroughs in alternative medicine, fitness or nutrition. This wealth of national women health information is available from several websites which deal with national women health. It is interesting to know that a lot of the latest information can be got from the National women health Information Center, along with some motivational guidance to help women achieve their health goals.

Sometimes there are weekly newsletters which provide the health information. There are also health and wellness newsletters which discuss topics like alternative medicine and show how such alternative solutions can be good for the mind, body and soul.

Very often women believe in myths regarding some form of alternative medicine and by getting the national women health information, many of the facts are cleared. One can also go to some websites where more information is available on a specific subject. The information provided in most of the newsletters is given by experts like doctors and psychologists, and can be helpful to all readers.

Fat Loss and Cholesterol

Let us look at some of the common topics regarding the health information. Fat loss and cholesterol reduction is a common subject and women want to know about new techniques in doing it.

Otherwise there is a trend of using natural supplements and herbs against disease and for good health. Women do the shopping and the cooking in a household, so they must keep themselves informed about the nutritional values of natural supplements, so that they can integrate them in the daily diet of the family.

Fast Food and Beverages

All that is harmful is also discussed on the forum of the National women health Information Center. The harm that is caused by fast food and beverages, or some prescription drugs is reiterated, so that they can be avoided. A clinical psychologist is often available to give advice to women regarding aging process, menopause or arthritis. A lot of national women health information is also available from books, and they are recommended on several websites of the centers related to national women health.

It is important for every woman to inform herself about the nutrition that she needs and what she should avoid. Life moves at a hectic pace and often nutritious eating and regular physical activity takes a back seat. But take some time and read the health information available, it will make you want to lead a healthy life and inculcate healthy habits. Because after all, these healthy habits will lower your risk for diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart diseases and even cancer.

PCOS and Diet

PCOS and diet tend to go hand in hand. From the moment you are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome you will hear over and over again that the best way to deal with it and lessen the symptoms is to maintain a normal weight.

This can be easier said than done.

Many women with PCOS are insulin resistant. This means their bodies struggle to convert food into energy and produce an excess of insulin to compensate. One of the effects of this is for the body to put on more weight and slow down the metabolism. So, women with PCOS find themselves in a no-win situation of knowing they need to lose weight but finding it extremely difficult to keep their weight down, and the more weight they put on the harder it becomes to lose.

The good news is that there are diets available to help women with PCOS combat the insulin resistance and lose weight. I’d love to tell you that it will be quick and easy but, like all good diets, it takes time and a commitment to a change of lifestyle.

The best diet for PCOS is one that encourages eating foods that release their energy slowly to keep blood sugar and insulin levels steady. These diets or food types are often referred to as Low-GI (Low Glycemic Index) or Low-GL (Low Glycemic Load), or they might be called a Diabetic diet. The Glycemic Index was created to show how different foods affect blood sugar levels and women with PCOS are encouraged to eat foods in the lower range of the index.

By releasing the energy from the food slowly you keep your blood sugar or glucose levels steady and prevent the body from creating too much insulin. This makes you feel fuller for longer, boosts your energy levels and stops the body storing the excess glucose as fat cells. Most women with PCOS store their excess weight around their abdomen, which can lead to other health issues such as heart disease.

This is why the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets that were so often recommended in the past are detrimental to women with PCOS. You should avoid any diet that does not limit your intake of refined carbohydrates like bread, bagels, pasta, white rice, sugar, cakes and candy.

Other signs of a good diet for PCOS include avoiding processed foods and eating organic where possible, consuming the right vitamins and minerals, and taking regular exercise, both aerobic and lean muscle-building.